About The Brand

Long before its re-birth in modern era Tbilisi, Aznauri was a class of Georgian nobility. Aznauris were mostly dependent on a higher titles in a peerage, however, they were free from severe conditions of oppression that was characteristic to feudalist system.

Aznauri derives its inspiration from medieval Georgian patterns and 90’s cheeky aesthetics and not compromise between comfort and elegance. The design is a mixture of sporty and chic, classical and cozy.

Aznauri is independent minded, confident, non-conformist individual who opposes gender binaries and genitally organized sexuality. Aznauri manifests different gender expressions and self-awareness through the body image.

Aznauri is based on a principle function and simplicity that focuses on a material quality of fabric and aesthetics. Design is characterized by dynamic shapes, contrasting colors, printed patterns and sharp irregular forms.