34 year old Lalo Dolidze is Tbilisi based Georgian designer. In 2004, she graduated Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University with bachelor's degree of foreign languages and culture of Europe. While she studied subjects not related to fashion, she had a secret dream of owning her own brand and was craving for the fashion world, although she could never really imagine herself as a fashion designer. She had an idea of special knitted pieces and started to wear hand woven cardigans made by her. This was her path to the fashion world. In 2012 twin sisters established Lalo Cardigns, which was an instant success. Lalo draws her inspiration from nature's most unique and beautiful features. In 2016 Lalo Dolidze launches a new line “LALO”, which is considered to be more luxury brand line than Lalo Cardigans, but the core concept stays the same - each item is a unique handmade piece from Georgia.