After my dagree in Architecture at the Academy of Arts, I’ve decided to test my skills in fashion... I used to draw sketches on my spare time... Clothes of women, men... all of a sudden, after the summer holidays, loads of sketches were made. I remember dreaming about giving life to those sketches and see them on people’s body... My first small collection of clothes was back in 2005, when there was this contest for beginner designers. I got lucky to get in final 3 of best contestants and was able to travel to Moscow, Russia in 2006 for the final contest... Then came my two year of practice at on of Georgian Fashion Houses as Designer, which improved my skills as designer. In 2014, I’ve decided to found my own brand – “VASKA”. I used to take parts at some show rooms, had number of performances in Georgia and other countries as well (including Fashion Week of Lviv, Ukraine). Clothe line VASKA is being sold in Georgian market, but you can also find it in some of New York, Moscow, St. Pitersburg, Lviv, Astana, Almaty concept stores.


Being an architect, helps me to perceive patterns and cubes more easily. Black color gives me an opportunity to realize my ideas the exact same way as I see them in my mind. This is why colors are very limited in my collections. I prefer to use natural fabrics and I often use such rare of them as is old Japanese silk. It is important for me to have exact shape of fabric, as I want them to use in my collections. This is why I often make experiments on them and finally get the shape, I was aiming for... for me, it is most important to give others the clothes, they feel free and comfortable themselves, easy to wear and to feel, that it was made specially for them...